minimum requirement.

What is the min requirement hardware for blender?

I’ve ran it on a Celeron 333/64mb RAM/4MB Neomagic graphic card for a year, no problem. Blender doesn’t really have a requirement, it just runs SLOWER on low end PCs.

However, once you get to more complex scenes, the rendering time will become longer, as will memory usage. But I think it’s safe to say that a 1Ghz PC +512MB RAM should be enough for 90% of the artists here.

Lets say if im rendering a character which has a many polys, My PC is 2.8Ghz, with 1gig of RAM and 7300GT. Im using Windows. If i add furs, texture and animate a 10 seconds scene how long will it take? Because i was hoping to render the whole scene it no more than an hour. thanks

You have to fake it in computer graphics. If you use a stationary camera, you can use compositing to render stationary objects. This pass can take a long time but you have to render it only once.

You have to use your wits to find out ways to render in needed time. Note that OSA causes severe slow down on rendering times. Also ray tracing is costly. Also baking textures may help. Procedural textures tend to be slower to render than those that have been uv mapped.