Minimum System Requirements?


I’m thinking about getting a laptop pretty much specifically for 3d work; animation, modelling etc

What are the minimum system requirements I should have in your opinion?

Cheers in advance!


Check out the official page on requirements.

If you are getting a laptop try to get one with a “real” number pad keyboard. If you can actually launch Blender on it at the store and test that the number pad is “real” and works and is not emulated then go with that one.

Try to get a laptop with a GPU that is listed to work with Blender. Laptops are notoriously slow in this area so you’ll have to decide if it is worth spending extra money in that area.

Here is a site where you can build your on laptop on line.

Generally a gaming laptop will work well with Blender.

Yes, you do want to pay extra for the best heat sink compound option.