minimum verts

What is the minimum verts every mesh should have in the blender game engine?

What? The minimum verts possible in anything is three. And that’s just a triangle. Honestly I don’t think I really understand this question.

The minimum verts to prevent slow down of the game engine.Because if things are too high poly they will cause the game engine to slow down.

You mean the maximum number of vertices ?

Yes that is right.

The vertices are less the problems. The faces between the vertices are the problem ;).

Simply try it out. Such things depend on the situation (hardware, software, screensize, etc)

Unless you determine your (average) target machine, there is no definitive answer. On an eeepc there’s another limit than on an octacore with a tesla. If you have a specific machine you want it to run, test it and measure when the framerate goes down. If you have a target market, look at other people’s work and maybe provide more than one level of detail.

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