Mining Mothership (updated again)

This will be the mother ship for my skeeter mining ships. These pictures are actually about a week behind because my computer has stopped working and I haven’t been able to update them. No textures yet, and these pictures only show about half the ship. I want to go for realism, so hurl the criticisms .

It looks a little crooked. Like in the back it looks like a bomb exploded inside a coke can, and now there are random areas of bubbly metal sticking out. It looks kind of pillowy. I think the wings are a little bit thin as well. If you plan to UV texture that might be able to be fixed with depth on the map.

Good work, just needs some sharpening of the edges.

Pretty heftily armed for a mining ship… Is auto smooth on?(seems to over smoothed.) and needs texturing too. but i cant wait to see further updates and how this is gonna turn up.

ok here’s a few tip

-First, don,t use “set smooth” on blocky model. use auto smooth or bevel it. Set smooth is only usefull when working with subsurf (most of the time)

-As for it being a mining vessel, I don’t know it looks like an attack vessel from the Kligon (right form star trek style!) hehe. It’s well done, but at this point, I don’t see what make the difference between it being a mining vessel or an attack cruiser.

Keep up the good work!

Yeah, the second I saw it, I though “Bird of Prey”… Maybe you need to either fix it up to look lees like a battle cruiser, or admit that it is one?

Sorry if i seem to be babbling. i’m new at this. Your my first ever post! :smiley:

no sly comments about being a trekky :o but i couldn’t help but notice it’s a bit like a klingon ship. Watch out for that.

Maybe if you put a big fin on the top or something…

Otherwise, heaps cool!

No, it’s not a battle ship and it’s not a mining ship, it’s a mother ship that needs heavy defense. With the updates you may see more of that. And it is in no way inspired by Star Trek, because I’ve never seen any Star Trek episodes. You are right on the “smooth” problem though. Thanks for the crits, keep em coming.
The rear section contains the engines and hundreds of little hangars, the middle section is the refining/processing section, and the front is command.

Cool, I like it, I’ll wait for futher updates before giving crits.


Okay, I’m back to work on this. First of all, most of the updated has been the increasing of details, but still more will be done. Secondly, in the third picture, which is kind of an update itself, I have added rotating solar panels. These are the single most detailed thing so far on this, complete with guards to deflect debris. I have since removed them because they didn’t seem to fit. I’d still like to experiment though.

Do you think there are too many doors for landing bays in the rear section?
What do you think of the solar panels?

The pics may not work, because sometimes my site freaks out. If this is a problem, I’ll put them on something else, so tell me if it works for you.

Or try these links.

I think the wing-mounted laser/gun doesn’t fit in with the idea of a big mothership, as it would be turning to slow to aim them.
Also the wings seem too weak to support it.

Maybe strengthen the wings and/or put the laser/gun into a gunturret ?

I think it would look (proportionally) better if you completely remove the wings. The skinny then really big in the front looks weird.

I see what you guys mean about the wings and guns. If I remove the wings, my concerns are that a) it’ll look to muck like that ship at the beginning of the first Star Wars that Leia is in. b) It’ll look kind of plain and unbalanced. c) It’ll make the rear look really big compared to the thin front and midsection. I will try to experiment more though and may try changing the wings into some other functional part, such as moving the solar panels there,