Mining Ship

A mining ship WIP - Started the mesh sometime in 2015, buried and recently re-discovered it from project folders.



Update on the mining ship, added procedural textures. I’m most happy for the solar panels, not that happy over the general paneling of the ship, still finding ways to improve on them. Turntable later.


Assuming youre using principled bsdf on the body of the craft, I would actually turn down the metalness close to zero and actually have the reflections be specular instead. I say this because although the ship is metal, the yellow paint on the ship is not which I think is whats throwing it off a little. I ran into a similar project with my last project with a spaceship and turning down the metallic and turning up the specular helped a ton. I also really like the material of the solar panels!

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Thanks for the feedback! Yea, it’s Principled BDSF on Eevee and I was really indecisive between whether the main color should be dielectric or metallic, I wasn’t really satisfied with either, but I’ll take a stab at it again.