Minion Carl

I decided to start modeling minion Carl to practice:

  • Topology
  • Texturing
  • Lighting

So I want to get this model to be really good and made the right way. I don’t care if I have to remake it a dozen times.
I never made anything like this so I hope to get some good help to get there.

Current progress:

For the eye I projected a circle onto Carl’s body. This way I could assure I wouldn’t get any deformation in the body due to the transition. Maybe I’ll rework this part a bit to get it even better but it works for now.

After that I started with the mouth. I watched some reference material about mouth topology and did it the way I thought it’s supposed to be. But, you can see me coming, the body of Carl is deformed. It’s not a perfect smooth circle anymore. What is the best way to maintain the shape of Carl’s body when modeling the mouth into it? Or do I just have to do it by hand?

Any other suggestion is welcome as well!

I redid the whole mouth by hand. My mesh turned out to be much simpler too.

Did the inside of the mouth, teeth and the eyelids. Extra work on the topology of the mouth. I’m satisfied with that know.
The tongue I’ll do next. And then … the big challenge … the hands. Won’t be easy I think.

I inserted the tongue and made sure the head band is now sunken into the minions head so you can feel the pressure. Some more variation in the teeth too. Gonna start on the hands now.

Learning a lot about topology (main reason I do this project). I did the head band like this to maintain control over my edge loops. Now I get a smooth transition between the front and the back of the head too. More pressure at the back of the head.