Minion from Despicable Me

So I modelled a minion because they are just adorable and I wanted to get some feedback from the forums about what could make it look better and my final images.
Here’s the model itself:

And here’s one of the images I have made with it:

the glasses give a strange refraction to the both eyes, not sure if thats intended but otherwise it looks good

also the hands look a bit square compared to this one ^ , so maybe make the hands more bobbely

It’s a good model. The eyelids…they sort of take away from the minions’ googley dazed look, so I wouldn’t recommend them for some scenes. Also, make the minion more “squishy” over all. Make the arms curve when he swings them around, make his head flop subtly—like Veggie Tales, but much less pronounced. You’re onto a good start.