Minion - Happy Birthday

This is a short animation I rendered for 21th birthday of my gf.
It started as a still for greeting card but eventually turned out as an animation.

It was completely done in blender and rendered in cycles with 300 passes per frame.
two still renders:

and here the animation:

seems like every girlfriend LOVES minions, specially the one eyed minion.

Good job on the animation!

Thank you for your kind words, gundamf91 :).

seems like every girlfriend LOVES minions

Yeah, I noticed this too, but ain’t they adorable?


Check out this crazy happy birthday minions mp3 songs with video and some funny minion gifs


Haha, super funny, I did this just the other day for my brother’s birthday.

Here is the card I made for him.

It’s awful. You killed the poor minion who was trying to sing a lovely song. You’re dead for me!!! :smiley:

Srry there. But one had to be sacrificed to deliver the birthday greetings :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very lovely image, I hope he enjoyed his birthday with this kind person you are :slight_smile: