Minion - Short noob animation

Thanks to guys who have helped me! This is my very first finished personal project. You may want to turn off the sound before watching.
The animation content is hard to understand + bad sound quality.
But I’m really glad that I’ve just finished an project.
Would love you guys to give me some critiques and some comments on my Youtube channel!


The animation was pretty good. However, I think that it missed its mark when you created this video. Yes, the minion was frustrated for what was going on with its Mac. However, where is the part where it gets its idea? That is what I think it’s missing.

Really good job.
The animation timing was great. The expressions where great. The textures where good.
Corrective shape keys are a good quick fix for the cloth and goggles and flesh moving into each others meshes.

Ya! I was aware of that…
My first idea was that the Minion got fed up with normal things he’d done every day, he wanted to try something high, something professional (haha), something he’d thought he’d never do, never succeed in. But that was not as easy as he thought, he went crazy then
Actually, I was working on another animation that was longer (~6mins). However, many problems came up. I got crazily frustrated and then I seeked something easier, less complicated, something to be made fast. So even though I knew the plot for this animation was not concrete, I decided to keep going forward, exhausted to work out :smiley:
Stuck on idea anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your compliments!!! <3 <3
Thanks to your helps, I managed to go through many frustrating situation!!

Congratulations on your first finished project!
It is a good animation, good expressions and smooth movements.
Just needs a little more work in those places where the meshes intersect each other.
You have talent, keep it up!

Thanks for your kind words!
Got a longgggg way to go :slight_smile:

excellent job, I especially like the part where he’s laying on his face and reaches back to scratch his butt. nice job.

Sooo gladd you like it Modron! Thank you! :smiley:

amazing job :smiley:

Thank you!!!