MiniTut: an x shaped hole on a face.

On topology and modeling. Hope you enjoy!

  1. make a plane.

  2. delete one edge, the connect the two open points (F key).

  3. extrude the edges and don’t move, just scale them. Again with the new edges.

  4. press F key to fill the square hole. With Ctrl+R add two loop cuts vertical and two horizontal.

  5. tweak points (i just scaled them) to get the shape you want. Select the faces that will conform the hole.

  6. extrude them a little.

  7. Subsurf.

You can add some more loop cuts where you need them, Shift+E to adjust creasing of the subsurf, etc. For the render i’ve added 2 loop cuts more, and extruded the exterior edges to get something more “boxy”. :wink:

C&C are welcome!



interesting, I have never thought of making an x in a box before.

Cool Beans, meschoyez! :smiley:
This it the first thing I thought of:

btw, step 2 could be “delete ‘Faces Only’”
Nice tut. I’ve been trying for ages to get a nice clean screw head.

PS, take your red box, put a handle and a spout on it, paint it olive drab, and you’ve got a WWII jerry can.

Deviously simple, but seems to be useful.

Seems self explanitory, now people will be making Xboxes.

thanks for your comments, i’m glad you can do your x-boxes!!

@Orinoco: Yes, i try “delete faces only” but, the edges dissappear too. If in your version of Blender works, great!

select all, x, only faces

that should work

else you could… add / mesh / circle (vertices set to 4 and no fill)