Mink - A Sound Based Puzzle Game In the key of D

Mink is a third person puzzle game. The twist, the puzzles are all sound based and require the player to make music throughout the game !
Dynamic Music

Movement Rig

Cool I like the idea, sounds like it has a lot of potential.
Great to see you on the forums again!

Hey ! Cheers ! Loving your fps series by the way! Really helping me me get back into the blender groove!

I love your particle effects:D I hope to see you finish this

I look forward for updates and videos. Keep at it.

@MarvinCJames Cheers ! Thanks yeah particles are pretty, thinking of using easyEmit to get some smoother looking ones!

@ffuturezx Thanks will do!

Just a little teaser, been doing lots of work on this so video and screenshots on the way!

New Video :smiley:

The music is perfect for this video

How did you do the part where you can pick up cubes? Very nice! i think this could go pretty far

Movement update! No longer tilting the mink with animations, other than the bobbing effect its all IK based.

New video explaining the dynamic music in mink.