Minolta XE film camera

Morning all! Wip thread for my newest project - a model of my Minolta XE-1 and XE-5. I got both of them from my Mom and my grandpa and wanted to model them for the longest time. So far modeling of the camera body is finished, will do UV unwrap and building the XE-1 variant soon. Then texturing in Substance.

Basic material render, no textures:

Nice work! a couple years back I modeled up my Minolta SRT-101: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?203336-Minolta-SR-T-101-35mm-film-SLR-camera

Thanks, also I really like your model! :slight_smile:

Here’s some wires:

And after UV unwrapping:

hello robocyte ,
nice work, i dont know ur backround but i admire how u r able to attack other project after ur great job on the moto !
i was unable to finish on single project since my last one ( i put so much effort on !!)
respect mate !

Thanks malhomsi! Really liked your last work (Mr. Lucky) btw :slight_smile:

Great work so far and a nice and clean topology, looks promising! Can’t wait to see the final renders.

Thanks AndréDe :slight_smile:

Didn’t have much time, so I modeled only one lens so far: The Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 50mm f1.7

Finally got the Texture Atlas for the camera body and the lens ready:

Some texturing progress in SD:

Cycles viewport tests:

Wow! That’s beautiful!
How did you get the uv’s packed so neatly!?

Thanks Sammy, uv layout was done by hand, approx 2 hours

Here’s the first draft of lens texture:

wow amazing:D Very clean too! Did you use Substance Painter or all done in blender?

Thanks zingzong, yes, textures were done in Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Ah, I never used SP and considered using it for some time. Does it allow simultaneous mutiple texture painting/ and layers?

If it does, I may consider purchasing it…

Yes, this is possible. You should take a look at the Allegorithmic YouTube channel, lots of good info there.
Can’t wait until this kind of texture editing is possible in Blender :smiley:

This looks stunning! I can see very tiny details! Brilliant! Why not post timelapse videos of your work? People will love it!

Thanks a lot! I’ve definitely thought about recording my process, let’s see if I find the time :slight_smile: