Minor problem

When ever i try to skin a boat hull or something i have the problem where I can’t get it to come to a point at the ends it’s just open

how can i get the ends to close up?

what i have is at the bottom i know how to connect them but as you can see they are open


You mean closing the top off? Try go into edit mode and press C

No not the top that would ruin it…

I want the ends of the boat to come to a point or something similar

when i connect them nos it looks like a tube cut in half… i need it to look like half a lemon squished.

you know like an odd bowl.

After you skin it, go to edit mode & select all the control points of the last NURBS curve. In the Curve Tools panel increase the weight to 100 and click Set Weight. Finally use S-key to scale the control points down very close (or just S -> 0 -> Enter). Alernatively, you could rotate the last NURBS curve upward to form the bow or stern. They don’t all have to be parallel.

Thank You so much
It worked perfectly