Minor Problem

Whenever I render the game I’m making (it’s a simple game) everything just turns white but I can still move the ball around. I can’t distinguish anything… it’s like it all just turned a solid color and molded into one shape. Can anyone tell me how to solve this? Thanks. :]

waht shading mode are you in? GO to textured mode in order to see your textures…
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How do I change the texture? Every time I render a game, it just shows the whole thing in a solid color without any light or realism or anything… so I can’t see anything in the game.

Search for UV mapping tutes, the game engine can handle those quite well. In order to see your objects textures you will have to switch to “textured mode” [ALT]+[Z], but textures will only show if you applied them to your objects in the UV editor.

Make sure you are in Textured mode.
Select the object.
Hit F
Go to the editing buttons.
Right click on a face.
Turn on obColor
Hit A twice to select all of the faces.
Hit copy draw mode.

Do the same for whatever settings you want.


Thanks, you guys, that helped a lot. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “textured mode” and that’s really gonna help in the future. :]