Minotaur Body *updated - Body* (2006/1/14)

Well, I decided to try out another character again. If you remember my orc from a little while ago, I intend for this to be similar in style, though for now I’m only focusing on a bust, high-poly and as detailed as I can make it. Not a whole lot yet, I know, but let me know what you think. thanks.


May not be much yet, but it looks excellent. Very nice detail. My only crit right now would be that the start of the cheek bone looks a bit to prominent atm.

thanks for the reply. Can you specify exactly which part of the cheekbone is prominent at the moment? Thanks.

Right underneath the eye. Just needs to be a mit smoother.

updated: working on the muzzle/mouth area. I know it’s not as detailed as the rest, but i plan on roughing the whole thing out first before going in and doing details. Also worked a bit on the cheekbone area, hope that’s better now. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

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I have to agree with mr_bomb regarding the prominent cheek bone. Looks very out of place. Tone that down and soften it up a bit and it will look more proportinate with the rest of the strat of the face.

The top of the nostril looks very thin. Do some image searches for bull heads/cow heads and see what I mean about the nastrils. Try and maintain some anatomical resemblance to an actual bull and it will look much better.

Always like your work though dude, keep it up.


Thanks for the reply BgDM, I worked more on the cheekbone area(hopefully it’s better now?) and thickened the nostril some.
Here’s the next update.

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At the moment, it looks more like a wolf than a bull, which I suspect has to do with the elongated snout. The crease under his lip near the teeth is very pronounced and sharp. Might look better if you softened this bit up. Also, the teeth, while well modelled, look a bit too haphazard. Most animals won’t mix up their canines and molars like you have pictured and there wouldn’t be such a disparity in size between subsequent molars. At least not in all the minotaurs I’ve met :wink: Definetly has potential though.

Fade - thanks for the reply, I worked a bit on the areas you suggested - made the teeth a little more uniform, and I shortened the snout a little bit, though I kinda want it to be a little longish.

More work done on the neck and cranium.

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ok here’s another update, worked more on the sides and ears. Also quicky mirrored it to see approximately what he’ll look like when the two halves are joined.

Are there no other comments or crits from anyone? I can hardly beleive that everything else about him is perfect, so there must be more opinions. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s when I do a wip topic and get hardly any replies, and then post it in finished works and a whole bunhc of people give me lists of what to change. If there’s something you think looks wrong/could be better, please let me know now rather than when it’s “done”. Sorry for the rant, but I’m just kind of frustrated.

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wow amazing modelling!!!

only crit is that there seems to be something wierd protruding from the top of his ear (his left ear)

First off, [entering mod mode here], can you please not post such large images? These are way too big. Thanks.

Now, for the model, it is progressing very nicely indeed. A couple of things that I would like to point out:

a) The nostril area is still too thin IMO. See my sketch over here:


The yellow line shows how I feel the opening of the nostril should be.

b) The lips look too cartoony IMO. They are way too rounded off and have no definitive edge to them, which I would thing would make it look a little meaner.

c) It may be early in the ear modelling stage, but a lot more definition in the ears is required as well. Some modelled veins, cuts, etc. would be very beneficial.


good work you have quiete a nack for creatures however the ear needs another sub surface and the wrinkles should not be symetrical but i suppose youl fix that when u join the seams


I’ve been watching this thread for a while, and it’s progressing nicely. Here’s a link to a bulls head that shows IMHO what the nostrols should look like, of course you want to throw in some artisic flare but I think yours are a bit too big atm and the center should be one bulge not two fused. Can’t wait to see some huge horns on this one. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for the replies!

jaderberg - Thanks! I think what you’re seeing(in the second image?) is the spec on the ear causing part of it to blend into the background, and then another part that hasn’t been joined to the head yet, so it looks like a strange protrusion when it’s actually not.

BgDM - Sorry about the large images. They’ll be smaller from now on. If you prefer, I’ll remove the ones I have here already.

a) gottcha, I’ll work on that.

b) ditto

c) All yet to come. As I mentioned earlier, I’m roughing out the general shape of everything and joining the halves together first before I go in and start doing fine details and reducing how symmetrical the halves are.

Aidan - Yeah, the ear does need more subsurf, and I will be making things less symmetrical once everything is joined.

Khnum - Thanks for the ref. I was planning to fuse the centre once I joined the two halves, thanks.

Thanks everyone.

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So here’s my latest update, have the general idea of the head(sans details) entirely modeled now, and also fixed(I hope?) the things pointed out to me earlier. Just want some final crits before I join the halves and start working on details. I know the connection of the horns isn’t the greatst, but that, again, is something that will be improved when I start on details.



coming along very nicely. the back two teeth seem very similar, and they also seem to abe bent around the lips, rather than hte lips bending around the teeth.

it’d be great to see a wire of this!

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That looks really good. Crits would be that the middle ridge of the nostril flares out a bit much, nostrils tend to flare to the outside. This region of his lips


makes him look like he’s smiling the smile of a happy cow. The side view of this makes him look like he’s puckering up for a kiss. Definetly need to make the mouth more “aggressive” to fit in with the rest the character. A minor point would be that the one canine tooth looks a bit out of place being stuck in the middle of a row of molars, but that’s more me being pedantic than anything else. Apart from that good work, I look forward to seeing him finished.