Minotaur W.I.P


Sketch armor…

pre… prefinal armor

Soft: only Blender!)
What do you think? Thank you!)



wow! this is some seriously impressive modeling and sculpting

how long have you been working on this?

Was the sculpting all done with dynamic topology? This is really good work, keep it up and post more.

This is looking really good! Please keep posting updates :slight_smile:

Yes, dynamic topology.

I am working on a model for about 2 months. In his spare time from work.

Detailed shoulder-strap

Oh man this is good! Are you going to animate him? I love that shoulder strap!

Update (Sculpting (materials- Matcap))

Thank you.) Animate will not. Making low poly-yes. I think …

14 million triangle.

Fantastic job! :yes:

It looks scary! :eek:

Will you texturing it?

Detailing the Minotaur.

Thank you) Texturing-yes.