Hey everyone, Here’s a character I put together to Test out Substance Painter. It was based on a brilliant Concept by Derek Laufman (https://www.dereklaufman.com/moreart/) I was aiming for kind of a stylized realism with the lookdev of this piece, and I think I found a good balance between the more cartoony elements and the realistic shading. Let me know what you guys think!


Here’s the modeling progression and Lookdev progression for anyone who’s interested. I have a turnaround Gif as well but unfortunately Blender artists does not support Gifs. You can check out the full post here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/88aXq


Derek’s works are very popular for his blocky yet cute figure style. Even I was planning to make a character to that similar style.

Your final render came really good. As a newbie I have some questions can you help me out?

  1. There are two spheres in the second image bottom right. What does the white sphere represent? Is it some kind of industry standard to display those? Does it have a name?

  2. Did you rig that face or are those two different sculpts?

thanks a lot. The artstation works are too good.

Alright. It looks great except for the nose part. It looks like a trout from a pig. I did a paintover how it should maybe look like, of course it’s just a pointer: