Took me a while, but I finally got back to the minotaur and finished it :smiley: I would like to do more work on the model, and especially texture it, but I don’t have time. Have a couple other models for Shadow Lore awaiting my attention. So here it is :slight_smile:

Very well modeled! Impressive detail on the hands – thanks for posting the closeup. Hopefully you’ll get to revisit this at some point and texture it :slight_smile:


all is great (besides tex :slight_smile: ) hand looks realy great. One crits goes to proportion of chest and waist, it looks a little bit strange. Maybe thiner waist would be look better… anyway great model, looking for texture…

Well done modeling, great detail.

Thanks for the comments guys :smiley: I’d love to go back and texture this beast, but unfortuanately do I now only not have time, but I also have absolutely no skills in the texturing department (and that’s an understatement) :frowning:

Is the neck a bit short? or is that how minotaurs looks like?

It’s nice that you didn’t make some anathomic misteakes like in Leon character at CGTalk.

Look at the foot of page at his muscles. Try to avoid such things.

Good start.

Very nice!

Hands are impressive, but maybe nails are too perfect, I don’t expect minotaurs to do manucure :slight_smile:

Legs are very nice, but hooves are quite big and I do believe bulls have splitted hooves, not single hooves (as horses have)


Looking nice, just a few issues with muscles in shoulder/pectoral, but very nice.

One thing though, I thought minotaurs had human body and bull head… so, shouldn’t you use human legs ?



This came out very nice.

Have you turned this into a normal map for the low poly version yet? Would be nice to see.


I originally did the model with human legs, but finally decided to go with the bent leg look like you see above. I haven’t yet rendered out the normal map, I’ll try and do that soon though so you guys can see it :slight_smile: