(tomket7) #1

I have tried to make a character but I need to improve my sculpt knowledge :slight_smile: Anyway I hope you will like it.


I made a short animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_LE9cErajw&feature=youtu.be

blender 2.62/internal, gimp


(Kalinaki) #2

Apart from the happy-cow-face, this image is beast!!

(Farmfield) #3

Cool model but even cooler render - I love the lighting, hehe… :slight_smile:

(NinthJake) #4

Good model but I like the lighting and composite even more, great job! :slight_smile:

(thewickerman88) #5

smiling cow ! :slight_smile: Nice.

(leonnn) #6

yeah the face kind of kills the whole scary creature composition, but actually I like the image more because of the happy face! great work!
It looks like a guy with a funny voice saying 'beat it".

Remarcable, very nice!

(XeroShadow) #7

This is the kind of guy you DON’T want to meet in the middle of the labyrinth!

(stilobique) #8

Very good !

(Kalinaki) #9

haha ye. You either gonna get killed or raped.

So thats how smiling minotaur rapists look like.

Ok, Im scared now!

(IkariGendo) #10

Overall is good, but for me the environment is better than the character

(Farmfield) #11


LOL - note to self, avoid Bulgarian labyrinths. xD

(NinthJake) #12

Some people just have fetishes I guess xP

(brokenpixel) #13

Good Job! You have a thread on modeling up?

(tomket7) #14

Thank you guys and sorry for the happy-cow-face :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I wanted a frightening image but it looks I have made a beast with happy-cow-face :slight_smile: Sometimes a smile is more scary than anything else.

IkariGendo: yes I have to improve in character making. Anyway I am happy that I can made this character with quite clean mesh because usually I am not totally satisfied with my meshes.

(Kalinaki) #15

Dude your work is amazing. I dont see why you cant rig the face and adjust the expression. I imagine his face with some ‘wrinkles’ around the nose looking pissed and maybe some steam coming from the nostrils.

@Farmfield: In Soviet Bulgaria…labyrinths rape you!

(Farmfield) #16

LOL, lucky you got out of USSR back in 1989 then… :wink:

Your comment also made me think of the movie ‘You Highness’ and the trophy he takes after killing the Minotaur… :smiley:

(Triple F) #17

Yup, as already been said, nice model and really nice render. Like the inclusion of the manacles on the wrists. Hints at a story behind the image. ; )

(leonnn) #18

I loved the cow happy-face, I think that this makes this minotaur different, other things also help that look, pay attention on its hair, it looks very straight and well cared, also his wristbands give him a glamurous look, this minotaur is the “minotaur bealty contest” winner for shure.

One other thing for shure, I saw thousands of minotaurs models, but this one will came to my mind when I think about a minotaur again!

Great job!

(IkariGendo) #19

Do you use displacement for the body? or retopology?
The shape of the character is great the textures etc… maybe is the proportions it is little bit odd.

(thesupermonkey) #20

Beautiful model.
I just saw “Your Highness” recently so I think that skewed my first impression :o