Software: Blender 2.64 and GIMP 2.8
Render Time (2000 samples using 6GHz CPU): 11 hrs. 29 mins.

This is actually my first “real” project using the Cycles render engine. I found my inspiration for this scene from a real loft in Minsk, Belarus(http://freshome.com/2012/12/20/beautiful-and-cozy-design-with-rusty-pipes-as-odd-elements-of-decor/.))

I had a lot fun while creating this scene. Creating the couches was challenging. It took me a while to make them look fluffy and soft, without particle hair. The rusty pipeswere added as elements of design.

All of the compositing was done with in Blender. I used GIMP for some minor post-processing. Keeping it open-source!
P.S. Keep your comments as harsh as possible.


Looks great overall.


Your reference photo link leads to a 404 page for me. Nice work though.


Excellent detailed work!
Minor nitpickings - there are too many objects with too many varying colors which decreases the pleasant feel a bit. Also, the positioning of the black chairs is off. You wouldn’t generally find them right in front of the the door :slight_smile: Personally, I feel you can as well take them off or just place one or two in some corner.

But overall great effort!

ooh! that looks really good, though the grey wood seems a bit awkward.

good job i like it