Mint + Wine + PS CS2 + window buffer update weirdness

I am working on Photoshop fine, but if I minimize the photoshop window some of the panels (layers) remain visible on top of whatever program I am then using. And then If I maximize photoshop usually the current document is not visible and I have to close and re-open it, and the workspace is foobar, I have to the set default workspace again to see any of the panels. Any ideas?

Photoshop is notorious for it’s difficulties working with wine, other than some really old versions the winehq database rates all the versions of photoshop as being pretty impossble to get working with wine. Have you tried GIMP, I just ask this as a suggestion, you might feel GIMP is different enough to photoshop to not match the workflow you’ve got used to, but you might have a look and see if that can handle what you’re trying to do.

Gimp is usable, although some of most basic selection copy and paste functionality is absurd. I am just too dialed into Photoshop, it’s fine as long as I don’t minimize it.

Users who have used photoshop for a long time are more comfortable with Krita than with GIMP (Perhaps more similar interface and behavior). You can install Krita from repositories, or you can download Krita appimage package:

You open the file browser where you downloaded it, right click on the file, and for some place or properties or something you look for permissions, and give permissions to “be executable” to the file. Then you can now execute the file with double click.

Just out of curiosity, what problem do you have with Copy and Paste in GIMP? What version of GIMP do you use?

I’m just too used to PS. When you copy and paste in GIMP (2.8) it becomes a ‘floating selection’ and you have to right click again in the layers to make it a new layer, it just seems pointlessly complex. Also, shockingly and painfully there is no easy way to do batch processing/actions in GIMP, which seems absurd.

I have pretty limited things I need to do, and I am able to do them lightening fast in PS. It works fine if I just don’t minimize the window. I may have a look at krita in time, it seems interesting. Thanks.

Oh, okay. Yes, default paste in GIMP does not paste it as a layer. You can use Edit > Paste as > New layer. You can modify shortcuts from Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. Search “paste” and there “New Layer”.

About Wine, you can try changing different versions of Windows from winecfg. Windows 7 is usually more compatible. Also Wine user usually share some tips and solutions to common problems in the entry of each program here(top right the field to search):

For batch processing in GIMP:
(trying to find Linux binaries, I do not remember how I had installed it)
Mmm, seems no binaries, only compiling:

FYI, PhotoLine is a great Photoshop replacement, and while it is Windows and Mac only, the developers actively support running the Windows version on Linux with WINE. Far more capable than Photoshop CS2, and PL has proper 32bit per channel support as well. The only thing to get used to when making the transition to PhotoLine is keeping in mind that PL distinguishes between selections (called lassos) and masks (the actual greyscale bitmap).

Even colour management works on WINE with PhotoLine: LittleCMS is integrated for use on Linux.

Copying and pasting works as expected: copy and pasting results in a new layer directly. And PL has pretty good batch processing and actions built-in as well. The latest betas have scripting support as a new feature, but these aren’t public yet. And it is also possible to send layers directly to an external application for round-trip editing.

OK great, I’ll check krita and photoline. What I would love is a 3-d texture app that mimics substance painter.

PS CS2 also had a patch to fix a few problems even on Windows, but I’m not sure how you’d go about installing it in Wine. And is it still somewhere to be found for download? And if you can get that to work, who knows if it even helps with that specific problem. (Did some things for using paths, and a bug or two with color space at least.) Just letting you know that one was out there, because a lot of people didn’t know it existed.