Minuh - Another dragon type thingy

This is a team project. My friend Tobi is writing a novel and we made the attempt to visualize one of the creatures. I modeled everything based on his sketches and gave him the face layout of the character, which he texture mapped then (his first try at texturing).

I guess I’m close to the end now, some textures need to be refined, but that’s it.

I used fiber and the discombobulator script.

Don’t mind the black background, it will be replaced by a matte painting.


Some may notice that my recent wyvern was forked from this model.

Comments welcome!

You used discombobulator for those wrinkles?

No, for the rocks! :slight_smile:

great idea for the rocks, how did you use the script to do it ? thats a very original use of the script :]

very nice use of it. looks very nice. :smiley:

No, for the rocks!

Lol, didn’t see it :]

Very nice, the rockstructure is recognisable.
In dutch we call it Arduin, I don’t know what it is in English.
Though Arduin is more blueish, it’s built out of flat pieces of rock breaking of in time.
You can find it all over the Ardens.

Looking at the whole picture now I think the rock and the grass is better then the model :]

Very nice rocks indeed. But the dragon body proportions are wrong in my opinion, as well as dragons skin. It looks a bit like plastic to me, could use some more tweaking.

Good luck on the project, I am looking forward to seeing it finished. :slight_smile:


Regarding the proportions:
I agree, but the aim was to follow the sketches from the original author whose creatures have a special style. This baby does run and ram, cannot really fly, but jump very far. Maybe the pose does not give this impression. Actually the butterfly he’s snapping at is hard to see against the black background :slight_smile:

The skin:
Plastic? I thought I was pretty close to leather/skin. What do you think needs to be tweaked? I must admit I’m a little stuck with my tweaking so any advice is welcome.

thought I was pretty close to leather/skin. What do you think needs to be tweaked? I must admit I’m a little stuck with my tweaking so any advice is welcome.

first off let me say this looks very nice.

regarding the skin, i’m assuming this is a day time time seen (judging by the shadows), if so, there should be a high degree of translucency in the wings, as they are being backlit from the sky.

also, you should render with AO using the sky colour of your matte painting, so that the shadows aren’t black.

inmho, there is nothing wrong with your texture, you just need to finish setting up the lighting.

I am using Yafray GI with an emit power of 2 already, but only skydome. Maybe I should try full GI.

I think I will give the idea with translucency under the wings a try, although I intentionally left it out. Since this creature is not supposed to fly, the wings are not really as thin. Same with penguins. We’re thinking the wings are used more like a shield. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I attached an update with a closer look at the main character.

Thanks for the comments so far!


Everything is looking great! I think you have an issue with scale however.

The relative size of the dragon to the grass makes the dragon appear very small. The relative size of the dragon to the butterfly makes the dragon appear larger. So, I think you should make the butterfly bigger or the grass smaller.

There’s just one thing which sort of bothers me here. If he’s after the butterfly he seems to be a little too low with his head/mouth to be able to get it, and there are no distinct pupils to really tell that he IS in fact trying to get the butterfly. So the idea becomes a bit subtle. But that’s just a minor thing and I might be calculating some distances wrongly, just my point of view.

Good work however!

I have previously made a test with another pose (wings down), and I’m not sure if this works better: