Minus Key Problems

OK, I’m relatively new to Blender (I’m a programmer by nature) and was working on a Browning Pistol for use in my projects. I was working happily along, thinking I’d just zoom out a tad, then - BAM! WTF? I’d pressed the keyboard minus key, not the numpad.

Is there any way to recover my model (I haven’t saved it yet :frowning: )



Hey welcome to the forums and to Blender!!

What you did, is you changed to another layer. Your model is still there, just on layer 1, not layer 11. The number keys (and minus and equal) up top are used as a quick way to change layers. So hit the “1” key and your model should magically reappear!

Oh, thankyou Robo3DGuy. That helped!

No problem!