Miodrag Sejic - Sketchbook

Those are older works
however i do intend to show soon newer stuff
and since we finally got our own sketchbook section
it is only logical to show em here :slight_smile:

latest update

Welcome to sketch books! I like the Wrestler. What shader setup are you using. It looks like dirty vertex paint maybe. Anyways nice work.

actually it is no shader
its a material :wink:

previously i did some tests with cycles but tbh i didnt really saw a benefit of using cycles
since you can fake pretty much just with the usage of cycles
and the sculpts above are all raw

anyways as sign of life
somethin am working on

a landrover defender and Humvee
both are wip
as they consist of multiple parts and are going to be modular

and one more thing

from a project am working on
the rawsculpt made in Blender with Dyntopo

and yes once again no cycles
i used masking only and a quick gimp composite


Or at least in my book. Some may argue they are not the same. :wink:

kk got me there
ofc it is a shader in a way
anyways lookin at my clown i realized i should show some more character work
this is another one from my current project

by now it should be obvious that they are inspired by the look of slenderman :slight_smile:

since i made a mistake in my first post
where i added 3images and at the end i wasnt able to change the thread picture
i had to move one of the images
the native american - indian sculpt

and one more time,
this guy is called Sniffer
no see, no talk but he can smell you :wink:

The Models you see here have been made in
further detailed in zbrush and rendered in marmoset toolbag

same as the one above
The Base mesh was created in blender and further detailed in zbrush
rendered in marmoset toolbag