Mipmaps only on Certain Textures

I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible, but I just want to make sure. Can you have mipmaps on some textures and not on others? I’m just asking this because mipmaps raise the framerate that the game runs at, but there is one texture in my game that looks like crap when mipmaps in on.

If this isn’t possible (I’m pretty sure it isn’t) they need to include the ability to toggle mipmaps only on certain textures in a future build of Blender.

what exactly is a mipmap?

It’s all explained here.

But yeah, Jay Dee, i’ve always had issues with the BGE’s mipmaps (-shakes fist-), and i have yet to figure it out, however if the textures you make are in powers of 2 (256x256,512x512, etc.) then even the mipmaps come out a lot more clearly.

Not sure if this works but give it a try. It’s the best I can do for you.


lol the last guy is right if you want to us mip map use the button if not unclear it hahah…sweet.? see the results.

Yeah. I make my textures in powers of 2, but even then, mipmaps still come out blurry.

I tried using the mipmap button and it does nothing. I don’t know why

What graphics card do you have? Some have troubles with certain features. I have a FireGL V3600 at work, and hardly anything works properly on it in Blender. It’s a real pain in the ass.

This explanation from Wikipedia might be a little more… helpful… than a URL that just points to Google:

"In 3D computer graphics texture filtering, MIP maps (also mipmaps) are pre-calculated, optimized collections of bitmap images that accompany a main texture, intended to increase rendering speed and reduce artifacts. They are widely used in 3D computer games, flight simulators and other 3D imaging systems. The technique is known as mipmapping. The letters “MIP” in the name are an acronym of the Latin phrase multum in parvo, meaning “much in a small space”. They need more space in memory although they form the basis of wavelet compression.

“Each bitmap image of the mipmap set is a version of the main texture, but at a certain reduced level of detail. Although the main texture would still be used when the view is sufficient to render it in full detail, the renderer will switch to a suitable mipmap image […] when the texture is viewed from a distance or at a small size. Rendering speed increases since the number of texture pixels (“texels”) being processed can be much lower than with simple textures. Artifacts are reduced since the mipmap images are effectively already anti-aliased, taking some of the burden off the real-time renderer. Scaling down and up is made more efficient with mipmaps as well.”

No this isn’t possible but it is a really useful feature that has been available in other 3D packages for over a decade :wink:

I’ve made a request at Blender Storm for this feature to be added

Please register and vote for it