MIR GREZ - The World Of Dreams // Made in UPBGE

Hi everyone! :smiley:

I present…

MIR GREZ - The World Of Dreams

Just a small simple little demo I made in UPBGE over the last couple of days. Hope you like it!

You’ll need to open the blend file in UPBGE.

Download here!


  • WASD - Move around
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • E - Interact
  • Esc - Exit
  • Enter - Skip, play, and exit

If you’d like, I’d be open to team up with someone to create a actual game!

P.S. Sorry, but this game might struggle a bit on your computer. I'm really still terrible at making games. :o

I like the style

Thanks Nicholas_A for your opinion!

I just tried playing your game and I must say, your workflow is quite unusual to say the least. I could not even play the game with stock settings it just crashed. I looked at your Scene and saw some terrible numbers. Please, please, please keep your shadow sizes 1024 or below. A size of 10240 with 16 PCF samples is not acceptable! Let alone several of these shadows. For some reason, your file size for just the blend is over 200 mb. That should not even be possible for a low-poly game like yours. After removing the light-scatter filter and the FXAA, and fixing the shadows, my computer struggled to get 30fps. When I get home today, I a going to seriously fix your game and introduce mesh batching for an extra push.

I’m really sorry Nicholas_A. :o I think because we have a strong PC, I didn’t really realize it was that big problem.

By the way, you don’t have to waste time on this game trying to fix it.

I am going to fix it because I’m just the type of person who has to do something once they get the idea. The things I mentioned aren’t the only problems with the game. I can work on this game with you too if you want.

It looks Really professional, well i would say at Graphics Level BGE is a Good base Game Engine. I like your Filters and effects u used it looks awesome.

Great work bro i’m downloading it n i’ll play it.
(U inspire me to do more great in my project)


I receive “blender has stopped working” in exe and blend file, when first sentence appears.

I gave up trying to fix it. The logic and physics and the applied rotation of the player make everything so messed up that it is horrifically unfixable.

Thanks bro, You just inspired me ;)! Keep up your great work with your game!

I’m sorry for making such a horrible game :D!

If you’d like we could maybe still work on a new game. You can maybe just handle all the programming ;).

Don’t be discouraged :slight_smile: Now you know…you have to make cuts sometimes…I do it all the time :slight_smile: Consider this your first beta, and get in there and start making changes…if you are not up to doing these types of things…you may never create a ‘real’ game. I re-wrote my dialogue system for example 4 Times…from nothing…actually 5 times…I kept the 5th :slight_smile: and my inventory system…3 times I think…
I have reworked how I animate twice and when I am done with all my systems(inventory, scripted events, save/load …any system in a game etc)
THEN I will start to actually make the game…
THEN I will start to actually make the world etc etc :slight_smile:
There is no shame in havine a “BAD GAME” the shame is when you just give up on it… SO…Good Luck…I have my fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

…BTW guys, my shadows are set to 2048…I still manage 60 FPS gtx 650 and an amd cpu…I do not think that is too outlandish?

Wow, thanks a lot JustinBarrett for your encouragement!!! I greatly appreciate it :D. Good luck as well with project Valiant!

Thanks for trying it out haidme! I have absolutely no idea why it crashes after the first sentence.

shadow sizes are too high. Use 1024 instead. Shadow filter samples are too high. Use 2 instead. Set HDR from Full to None (or half at least). Turn vsync off and turn off AA.

Ok, I made some changes already. What was your FPS?

I touched the settings to make it playable - 60 fps. The color and music was good. :slight_smile:

Thanks Akira_San for checking it out! I did not do the music myself. It was created by Philip Glass, my favorite minimalist composer. :slight_smile:

Can you please not put include the runtime? It makes the file way to big and everyone here has UPBGE.

I got 0fps and then the game crashed