Okay I found this one dude’s site, Bay Raitt, and I downloaded one of the videos of him modeling, well the program he was using, Mirai, looks awesome. So I of course go looking for where I can find it, so I’ve been looking around for a little while and I can’t seem to find much info about at all. The developer’s site doesn’t even have a download for it. Did it just die off or something, can’t imagine why, unless there were some legal issues or something, Anyways I was wonder’n if you guys had any knowledge of how to get a hold of the Mirai progam, or is it gone forever :frowning: .

Bay Raitt

Izware (The Developer)

Grei :Z

Hey there,

Yeah, Mirai does unfortunately not seem to be around anymore. As far as I know it is still used to some extend in movie productions, Bay Raitt used it to model Gollum and for facial animation in LotR. Izware said for quite a while they were going to release a new version of Mirai but so far they haven’t made much of that. They did release a “new” version of Nendo (stripped down version of Mirai featuring some Mirai modeling tools) last year.

On the other hand there is Wings3D, an excellent GPL subdivision modeller inpired by Mirai and Nendo that already surpasses Nendo’s modeling tools.

Matt :slight_smile:

PS: At one point Izware was offering the old version of Mirai at the new price but I don’t know if they still do.