Holy crap… I just noticed that Miramax (that hollywood movie company) is playing a video of mine on their web site…

Last year Miramax, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon had a scriptwriting contest… the winner got their movie made… I only got voted “Top 250 Script” - I lost out on the big bucks…

Anyway… apparently they’re running my “bio” video on their site… It’s me… in streaming media… you get to see me in my boxers… you get to see my pot pipe in the background… you get to see part of my old Blender station… you get to see me act like an ass… holy cow!!!

Check me out!!!


I’m Jason Saville…


HA!!! Thats really cool man, sorry you didnt win or even place higher, but like you said, it was just an opprotunity!!! Only thing is, were you ready for your close up Mr. Saville??? :wink:
Anywayz, just wanted to say cool and best of luck with your other opprotunities!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I thinks it’s funny that ben affleck is into computer stuff… he just dosn’t seem like the type. I read this article were he was out buying all this equipment and cisco routers and stuff, and then setting it up… 8)

LOL! thats so funny!
still having trouble with that split personality I see.


Goofy… that was me two years ago… I hear many more voices now… :smiley:

Wow Jason, that was pretty cool
You seem to be pretty crazy :D! We should work together sometime on a script or something :slight_smile:
“completely hysterical insanity come to life in blender”
i like the sound of it

  • Stungun

Stungun… sounds cool… If everything Goofster said about you is true… I’m sure it’d be an absolute trip to work on a project together… :slight_smile: