Miranda - The Tempest

Almost one year and half from now, I made a study from Miranda from Waterhouse painting. And i really loved the story of it.

Now it’s time to make my version of it as a kind of tribute. :+1:

Hope you’ll enjoy.

And a short process from base render to finish (a bit compressed to be posted).

Edit from the 11/06/20:

Thanks a lot to Abby and Bart for the opportunity to share the process and story about this artwork. You’re awesome :wink:


I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!


Woah, thank you so much Bart, it’s awesome. You made my day, my week, my everything (could be a song from Barry White^^)

Have a great week end too, take care of yourself and familly.

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very nice composition and colors! wave, ship and hair movement, color contrast with the red hairs and blue scenery, all works very well

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I love the look and feel! So beautiful! May I ask a question - so you made basic reder and then all the other operations in Photoshop or blender too?

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Thank you. Orange and Blue, always a good combination :wink:

Thank you. It’s exactly that. I made a base on blender to get the mood, lighting and position, and then overpaint in Photoshop. Sometime I push the work on blender, and only work on color grading on PS, but this time it was quicker to just composite and paint on the base render.

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Thank you for the answer! I’d like to try this pipeline :slight_smile:

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Enjoy :wink: It’s clearly concept art oriented as we often don’t have time to make a full render of everything, as the goal is mainly to share an idea with the art director. But it also work well for a keyframe or so :wink:

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Thank you! Yes, I agree, sometimes you just need to grasp the idea :slight_smile:

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Very beautiful piece

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