Awesome tool!

wow.very nice~

Thank a zillions time for this tool for me the noise deformer was an essential tool i use formerly in 3ds max where it’s was a modifier call noise and yours is even better with more options.

Will donate rest assure :smiley:

Woah, very nice job on the unbevel tool!

Hi. I did unbevel for basic bevel. But this algorithm is not perfect as there is not so much information anbout previos bevel. But it can be useful sometimes.

@wuren I’ll update Exchangers soon and write here.

@tuoe glad that you did it!

Thank you all of you!


I have another one idea for retopology. I’ll try to make circles tool.

It will be in Object Mode.


good idea。

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Almost done


How come the MiraTools addon is not integrated in blender by default? It’s really surprising. It’s full of useful features and it’s free. I don’t understand Blender devs sometimes.


Because it’s a huge commitment and it takes sb who’s willing to maintain it and fix issues when they come up, which the Blender devs are understandably not willing to do themselves.


Have you considered using the Skin modifier for (what looks like) the tedious step of placing the rings?
If you set snapping to ‘Volume’ and ‘center’, vertices will snap to the middle of the cylindrical forms (like arms, fingers etc), and a subdivision will result in 8-sided rings that you can then use as a starting point.

You’d have to get rid of the inbetween rings, ofcourse.

Here’s the kind of geometry that gets you:

Sorry, only rings.
Because, now we can change loops and cuts procedurally.

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This makes my workflow much easier, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Sure, but the end result here could still be rings. My suggestion is mostly to streamline the placement of these rings.

Thank you for the suggestion. But it will be hard to implement in Edit Mode.
The point was to make such a tool fast. I did it during this night and it works prety good. Could you test it, please? I committed my work at the repository.

I have finished the retopo loops tool. I release it.
And here is another one small but useful tool for retopo. Snap points.
Enjoy retopo in Blender 2.8!

I think i’ll make some streams about retopo with Miratools when i finish all things.


Amazing! Can’t wait to try this.

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You can. All is in the repository.

lol. we need a retoplogy tool like retop-mt ~ can i look forward it?

This is a different project. It’s too complicated for me. Sorry, no.