I couldn’t implement something like this myself, but I’ve tested it and it’s a nice way to get (an approximation of) circular rings around the mesh.
Another (and probably the best) way could be to do what retopoflow does, and let the user draw a line over the mesh, and use this to create a circle aligned to the line/viewport direction.

I understand if you’re done with the tool though, I’m just giving suggestions for improvements :slight_smile:

Thanks for feedback. But I’ve finished the tool.
It’s possible to mix RetopoLoops + SnapPoints. Result will be the same as in RetopoFlow.
Sure, the RetopoFlow is more advanced. But I have not so much time to do this.

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How nice!
“Snap Points” is similar to “Ice Tools” add-on, my favorite Shrinkwrap add-on.

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I did not try the Iceking tools. If it has the same tool it’s great.

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I did some improvements to DrawExtrude and PolyLoop tools. Now they all have Undo. Just press Ctrl+Z.
It looks like very useful improvement.

I set the MiraTools project to version 3. It was nice to pass this journey. Thank you all. Now I’ll be making only bugfixes.

@mkbreuer I have finished and I’ve been waiting for your gifs. )


Thank you for your work, I can’t do without MiraTools, praise you for being generous.:微笑:

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I want just thank You for your work! Amazing stuff!

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Thank you. I’m just a humble member of this community. And I love my daughter.


Thank you so much for these tools. They’re proving useful even for a noob.

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I try mifthtools Miratools Snap Point ,Crash , i test Blender2.8 beta and Blender2.8 RC1

Could you please send a blend file to reproduce crash? I’ll fix it.

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Crash_SnapPoint.blend (655.4 KB) Yes…I create it …Thank you…

Fixed. Thank you for the report!

What i can say, the job done too fast… :grinning: this addons veryusefull for game flow…

thank you …

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11 minutes!!! awesome!

Thanks on updating this great addon guys! Much appreciated.
This was an essential tool in my 2.7x toolbox.


Oh my god, this addon looks like come from the future!

Mira Tools keeps getting better, nice work!

Those interested in Blender retopology might also want to check out @Jeacom’s neat new retopo tool:

Personally, I’m still a ZRemesher fan, but I really hope a similar auto-retopo solution will soon arrive for Blender.


Amazing tool!!! Is it maybe possible to make the unbevel tweakable?

Like if assign unbevel action to a hotkey and if holding the bevel amount can be tweaked?
I did a small preview by using unbevel+relast addon. However it’s not perfect because of a time delay between calling first operator and relast action. Would be amazing to have it smooth like with standard bevel operation.