Thanks! Being a Mac user for 30 years, I’m used to just driving the car. This is requiring me to look under the hood, so I appreciate the very basic help.

Hy, i made a pull request for the gui panel layout fix. That is the result:


Thank you a lot! Merged!
Is it possible to add the icon of the Snap Points tool at “Retopo” panel? I think it’s pretty often used durig retopology process.

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Of course! …Done! :wink:
By the way: Woolfy13 unbevel trick to spread the bevel arc with pie menu editor works very well!


Thank you a lot!

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Your tools are amazing and they would be even more if we could animate them with keyframe!

I tried with animall but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks. Sorry, these are only for modeling.

Well at least we can use shape keys i think!

May be in future the devs will make some procedural things like in houdini. But it will be far far future.


hello mifth! Thanks for sharing such an awesome set of tools. i came here from the HardOps Docs, which showcased a specific feature of yours which is my only interest for the moment - the CStretch tool.

So I’m testing it in my Blender right now, and notice I cannot rotate the viewport while moving the curve points. Is this a bug, or is it the intended behaviour? Seems like a crucial thing to me, being able to rotate around, see if the points are looking OK on other angles, etc.

Hello, Yes you can rotate. Just hold middle click on. Default hotkeys should work fine.

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Indeed, you are right. I just switched to default keymaps and I can rotate with middle mouse.

In my work setup, I am currently rotating with Alt+LMB. Would you happen to know why this could cause conflict with your tool during that specific moment?

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Try changing it to Maya. Maybe it will help.
we set the keys which will affect and pass through blender when we create custom complicated tools.


Is it possible to add to simple extrude a window with units for more accuracy after action as regular inset or extrude have?
And may be, just may be, You want to make this tool more powerful and look like Modo Bevel.

Or may be set tool active (when you click on it, like a switch) and use W and E keys before deactivate tool.
Anyway Big Thank You for this tools!

Yes, it’s possible to add a window but it will be as another one button. As far as I know, it’s not possible to have a window for interactive tools. Maybe in future.

It would be great to have a manipulator but I have no time for these tests, experiments and coding.

I tried to have it active during click but I fond it difficult to get good precision.

BTW, I use Simple Extrude every time when I need to extrude along normals.


That did it. You’re the best! Thank you!

there is a bug that you cannot rotate in creating Mira primitive

Thanks, fixed in the repository.


Thank you very much!

Both for Mira and maybe more crucial for Mifth tool is to reduce memory usage - please consider this:

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