black mesh? what is it, now i am intrigued to know lmao…

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First version will appear in about a month. Stay tuned. )


hi, so i have a little problem with the addon. blender 2.9 doesn’t seem to want to install it.
in the lil scripting thing, it tells me it is installed, but doesn’t show up automatically as new addon to activate, nor can i find it when trying to search for it in the addons tab by way of search bar.

thanks in advance.

Are you trying to install from the zip? That won’t work, you need to open the zip file, find the relevant miratools directory and extract that to your addons folder.

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Check it please https://github.com/mifth/mifthtools/wiki/Mira-Tools

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it is in my blender addons folder but it doesn’t show up in the blender addons in blender itself and can’t be activated for some reason.

i been trying over and over again, differnent solutions and nothing works. i assume it is usable in blender 2.92.0
or can there be a problem that the tool dislikes 64x based systems.
i really wanna use this add-on but at this rate i feel like just giving up on trying to make it work.
i simply don’t know what else to try.

i had to resort to change a number in the py file init.py had to change “blender”: (2, 80, 0) to (2, 92, 0) and now it shows up…

Oh! Very strange thing.
I have 2.93 and all works fine by default.

Nice catch!


Does the quick_pipe script work? If so how can I find it / use it?

Should work. https://github.com/mifth/mifthtools/tree/master/blender/addons/2.8/quick_pipe

Just copy a py file, install it, press F3 and search for quick pipe.


I must not have copied it. Just tried installing it through Preferences, it’s there and works : )

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One of my favorite addon thank you very match!


Good Day, mr Mifth.
Recently I’ve tweaked the Unbevel module, so that one could choose different options for merging unbeveled edges.
If it would be acceptable, I can send you the edited module for you to review it and - in case you deem it to be fine enough - include into the main branch on Git.


Hey mr Asura, sure you can send it. )


Hey Zilver, I found the issue. I believe you initially downled The MiraTools addon from the documentation. Well, the URL to the addon is outdated there.

You need to go to the actual latest file via GitHub by downloading the MASTER branch (the link in their documentation gives you an older version that doesn’t include the latest code).

Getting the latest zip and installing

  1. Close Blender
  2. Go to https://github.com/mifth/mifthtools
  3. Click the “Code” drop down (Green looking button in the mid screen on the github page).
  4. A drop down should display an option to “Download Zip”.
  5. Choose “Download ZIP”
  6. Go to the Directory within the ZIP → mifthtools-master.zip\mifthtools-master\Blender\addons\2.8\
  7. Copy all these folders into your blender addon directory → C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.93\2.93\scripts\addons
  8. Open Blender, Goto preferences and search for the addons you just installed, enable them.
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Amazing add on Mifth… Thank you for making and sharing this.

I was wondering if for the Wrap tool you could incorporate a slider setting of sort that allows the user to choose the amount of transformation they want. Currently there is either having ‘Transform Object’ turned on or having it turned off which transforms mesh entirely. I think it would be nice to have more subtle transformation of the mesh to achieve different results.

Once again, great tool and thanks… I’d be happy to make a small donation for offering this addon if you accept it.

Hey cl2635, thanks a lot. The problem is that when the ‘Transform Object’ is switched off then a different approach starts working. This would be not so simple to mix 2 approaches together.
This is a good point but I’m not sure that I could handle it at the moment.

Thanks a lot, no need donations for this project. Your warm words are more then enough. This addon is dedicated to my daughter.

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totally understand Mifth… I imagine it would be time consuming and not simple to implement. Loving the addon still. It makes tasks so much easier, faster and opens up a world of creative possibilities for me and many others I’m sure. thanks once again

Thank you too. I can just suggest wrap meshes without subdivision.
Wrap then subdivide. It could help with less distortions.

I found strange issue with Unbevel.
Only with shape like on video. With other situations I tested - all fine.

It’s not critical but in some cases for someone would be pain in …