mirro in object mode

anybody knows were is the wiki page for the mirror on bottom header object
then mirror option:evilgrin:

Cannot find it anymore:evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

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This tells how to mirror the left side of the mesh while you create the right side. I dont know if thats what you mean, though.
Maybe it will help.

Not the mirror modifier i know that one
i’ talking the other mirror the one when in object mode only X-Y Z

and there is the one in edit mode given the Local Glbal - View mode

Hoe come you cannot find these mirror with the search in Wiki ?


The wiki content is written by volunteers in their own time. If no-one has volunteered to write it it’s not in the wiki.


Oh, that was the only one I found with the x y z axis. Oh there is an x-mirror in the weight paint buttons window, maybe its that one?

Do you mean to constrain an action to the x, y or z axis? Maybe?

Blender has several mirror functions
1 - mirror modifier
2 - Mirror in object mode local
3 - mirror in the N transform by putting -1 in scale value
4 - Edit mode another one with choice between local /global /view mirror - M-key

So you have a choice of mirror in blender


Mirror by hitting S X/Y/Z -1, too, which is pretty much a different way of doing 3.

I’ve noticed that the mirror command in object mode is kinda broken, or at least the response made no sense to me and wasn’t inversable. I can’t remember if this was in 242 or only 243c though.