Mirror and scale problem with arbitrary rotation

Hi to everyone, I have a problem with mirror function (ctrl+M) and the scale (S).
If the object has all the rotation angles to 0°, all these functions work well. But if the object has an arbitrary rotation (as x: 100°, y: -20°, z: -40°) and I constraint the scale function on global x axis, in viewport I see that the function acts in all the three global dimensions but with different magnitudes.
I think this is related with the mirror problem. If I try to mirror this rotated object on global x axis, the mirror works only on local x axis of the object.

However if I try to mirror along x using the scale -x factor, blender seems to swap all the three dimension.

Is this a bug or there are other ways to do what I want? Thanks.

It is a bug - http://developer.blender.org/T31358

Cool, I was about to ask the same thing, is this new to 2.69?