Mirror Bone Weights question


Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m experimenting with the Mirrored Bone Weights script and it seems that it will only mirror bone weights to the appropriate mirrored bone if the bones names end with the .L and .R suffix. And it seems pretty strict about this.

Well, I can live with this. The problem is that the default (and I can’t see any place to change this default either) naming convention when you use Shift-E to extrude mirrored bones in the x-axis mirror armature edit mode is _L and _R, which the script does not seem to want to recognize.

Am I missing something, or is this kinda messed up?


Theres a number of bone mirroring scripting hanging about. whats the name of the one your using?

yes, it only cares for “.L” and “.R” at the moment. it wouldn’t be hard to add the other cases but i guess it will be removed anyway because cambo’s script (mesh_mirror_tool.py?) can do the same.

Thanks for the responses.

I’m using the one called Mirror Bone Weights (mirror_bone_weights.py) which is I think in the official release in the Mesh group.

Right now I’m writing up a section on useful Python scripts in the official 2.42a release… I think it would be trivial to tweak the script to make it work as it should, but at the moment my focus is documenting, rather than actually using the scripts.

But I just realized, I think my “official release” scripts directory may be tainted by non-official release (or old) scripts. Which brings me to another question: Is there a list somewhere of exactly what python scripts are included in the current release’s scripts directory by default?

That scripts been removed. (after 2.42 release)
try “Mirror Vert Loc and Weight”

Okay, thanks! I’d been mentioning both, I’ll just drop the reference to the first one.

cambo, i only took a quick glance at your script but it seems to be slower than the other one for huge meshes?

kakapo, your right. the other one had a nice fast tree based lookup method

but aside from that, mine has a lot more usefull functionality.
Iv written a generic python based octree that this script will use before the next release.