mirror bone weights script


i found it annoying that there is no [mirror bone weight] function in blender so i did a script for it.

mirror_bone_weights.py (i think it needs the 2.4 alpha version)

i hope it’s helpful for some of you…

I have known this other script for some time. I can’t get it to work anymore. As far as I can recall, non-paired groups were not mirrored, but I might be wrong.

Yours works well and I appreciate your work, but I personally would prefer a pupmenu with two options for the direction I want to mirror to, instead of a GUI (it is even wide for my usual vertical panel). I think asking for a threshold is not really necessary.

thanks for the feedback!

do you mean a submenu like the directx8 export script uses? i will try to narrow down the gui…

I mean a little popup dialog like this:

You call it like this:

result=Blender.Draw.PupMenu("%tMirror:|-x to +x|+x to -x")

If you get 1, the user wants -x to +x, 2 means +x to -x.

I don’t mean to imply that your script is wrong or anything, but many users like me prefer scripts without GUI when it is not really needed. I prefer to call a script from a menu and not reconfigure my windows for it.

i kind of agree about the gui. which menu do you suggest to put it in?

There is a complex mirror script, which can mirror vertex coordinates, uv coordinates, colours and vertex groups, delete and create new vertices and faces and has many options how to set mirroring plane.

nice script! why isn’t it bundled with blender? how am i supposed to find something like that?

mine is a bit more simplicistic. :slight_smile: …i made a menu like tolobán suggested. i will upload a new version shortly…

I didn’t get the complex script to work but your script worked kakapo, no tweaking required. Thanks, it saved me a lot of time.