Mirror doesnt reflect UVmaped sphere

Hi I have two UVspheres one is UVmapped (environmant), second is mirror shadered. Do you know any reason why smaller one doesnt reflect the bigger one? After fix this problem i would like to try set smaller one little bit transparent. Thx 4 reply.

Three questions:

  • Are you using Eevee?
  • Have you tried it in render mode or only in material mode?
  • Have you set your HDRI to emission?

Hi yerus1992,

  • Yes eevee
  • only render mode
  • it is 360 photo (left-down on prtscrn picture), but i cant find way to reflect that to UVsphere :confused:

try to put the texture in environnement (world)
or in the shader of the object, something like this
reflect_test.blend (885.8 KB)

You will have to set up your Environment texture as the world background in order to have it reflected as you want it to.
Here is a tutorial on how to do this: