Mirror duplicate

Ok I’ve been away from blender for awhile, I’m trying to create a duplicate of my eye lid im modeling and I used to be able to hit Shift D ,then s and x and it would make it mirrored to the other one but now it doesnt. what happened? I see that the

pressing the key for the axis doesn’t just mirror across the axis, it constrains to it

you can also type in scaling values [using non-numpad keys? perhaps just for the - sign]

so, flipping with scale would be
s x 1 - [enter]
[the 1 and - can be switched if you like]

alternatively, you can use control+m in object mode or just m in edit mode

OH I GET IT S, X, -, 1 …it’s gotten more complicate oh joy! thanks for the help

well, it couldn’t get more simpler than this:

Set Cursor where middle will be --> go into Cursor pivotmode (dotkey) —> Select original object --> CTRL+M --> Mirror Axis [X Local/Y Local/Z Local] --> [Enter]

well, the first stages you probably know already, but for newbies who read this might miss it :slight_smile: