Mirror effetcs, sound, accelerate the render and python


I’ve problem with mirror effects, sound, python and accelerate the render. i don’t how to make it and i’d like you give me the procces in order to do it.
About sound, i wanna know if blender can import another kind of file such as mid… and il it possible to generate and use the sound in a sequencer video.
What is python and what python can do in blender.
It’s possible to accelerate the speed of render? If yes how?.

thanks for your help.


Your question is very unspecific. For general information have a look into the documention.

Mirror: http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/x4881.html

Python: http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/c11087.html

Sound: http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/x11049.html

Try to keep everything as simple as possible: low polygon count, low subsurf levels and so on. Don’t use raytracing, if you don’t need it. This applies especially to “Ambient Occlusion”.
There is an optimized build for Windows by AN][ARES: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17626
Better hardware always helps too. :wink:

If you have further questions, please be more specific and we’ll try our best to help you.