mirror example?


i created a scene with a camera looking down the z axis in the direction of a plane.

That plane spanned the x-y plane and i’ve rotated it around the y axis by 45 degrees.

Further along the x axis i’ve placed an object.

I want to use that rotated plane as a mirror, so i’ve changed its material (Col and Spe 0, 0, 0 and Mir to 1,1,1). In “Mirrot Transp” i’ve selected “Ray Mirror” and set its depth to 6.

To my understanding i should now see the object in the plane that now acts as a mirror, but i can’t see it. In the Preview window of the material i can see a mirror behaviour.

Can anybody tell me what i do wrong?

Basically i just want a simple mirror example.

Thanks for any hints,

Honestly, I have not rendered in a while, but I think most of the stuff you would see have to be rendered out. Try blender’s internal render with a 3-point light set-up.

The wiki documentation has nice information on rendering, and there is a few “Chrome” examples here on Elysiun I think.


The best documentation I’ve seen for 2.3 and up.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Yeah, most textures dont show up in OpenGL (preview mode), so just tap the F12KEY to see what it looks like.