Mirror has strange reflections

Hi everyone. I’ve recently started using blender so still figuring a lot of things out, but I wanted to ask something about the reflections in Blender. As you can see there’s a difference in the two pictures in the reflection of the mirror. First i got the ugly one with the noise, and after a lot of tweaking I found out why. Apparently the bump map (texture->normal) causes it because the noise dissapeared when i removed the bump textures. Does anyone have an idea why this happens( since you don’t get noise in the non-reflected walls)? And how to avoid it, I still want to use bump/normal mapping though. Maybe there’s a checkbox somewhere I forgot to click or something, but at the moment I’m quite lost.

greetings to you all

I can’t see much in your small image so just as a guess. try changing the bump map method from the Default to Compatible


Wow right on the spot, it worked. Thank you very much! Although I don’t really understand what the difference is, because if you pick ‘best quality’ the problem is back. Probably just another algorithm.

Thanks for the quik answer!

Bump mapping methods http://kishalmi.servus.at/3D/bumpcode/