Mirror Help

OK so i have this building here:

and im trying to mirror it.
The problem is it only mirrors to the left side like this
but i want it to mirror the other way so it’s a whole building.

How do I mirror it the other way?

you have to move the building to the left in “edit mode”. if you move it in object mode, it will move its origin too, moving the mirror with it.

wow! it worked. thanks so much, ive been waiting for half an hour for a reply :slight_smile:

one more question:
why can i see those lines as the mirrors?
how do i fix that problem?

In edit mode, select all vertices and press <W> and select Remove Doubles, then <CTRL>+<N> to calculate all normals to the outside, that should fix you up.

Thanks for the help hazard :smiley:

the model is done!

“now when i try to append it in my city project, the only “object” there is a plane. even when i append that, nothing shows up. how do i get this model on a layer inside my city project?”

sorry ignore that question. it was an issue of what layer it was on.

We’ve all been there I’m sure :slight_smile: