Mirror help

Not sure if this is even possible or not, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a mesh appear visible to a player but visible in a mirror or reflective surface in bge. Any clues or suggestions will be appreciated:D

You won’t need a system as complex as the renderpass method. This can be done extremely simply.
The process to do this will be to have a python script that does something like this:

1) Set objects that should be visible in mirror to visible
2) Update the image-mirror texture (see [here](http://gametutorials.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Mirror/Page1) if you don't know how to use this)
3) Set objects that shouldn't be visible not in the mirror to invisible

I’ll see if I can make a demo tomorrow, as this sounds like quite a fun thing to do.

Some objects are reflected in the mirror, others are not, some appear only in the mirror.

If an object has the property ‘Mirror’ it will be visible in the mirror and in the main view. If an object has the property ‘MirrorOnly’ then it will be visible only in the mirror. If the object has neither of these properties, it will not be visible in the mirror.

MirrorInvisibleDemo.blend (1.11 MB)