Mirror image texture problem

I’m texturing a cube mesh (shaped like a playing card) with two different textures on opposite faces. The first side I rendered looks fine. However, when I look at the other side, the image is mirror opposite of what it should be. Both textures contain text making this even more of a problem.
Mapping panel Setting are default:
Working perspective: Top view ortho.
Mapping: Coordinates set to Generated
Projection: Flat

I tried various configurations of XYZ but although I can stop the invertion, the mapping goes wrong in other ways. I think is something to do with how the projection works in Blender. Is there a way to fix this?

if you could upload the .blend, id be happy to try and help you :slight_smile: for texturing like that you would want to use UV mapping.

Thanks for the offer to help, but I have a many to do so I would be better off learning to do it myself. Is UV mapping the only way?

you could try adding two materials to your card, one for the back texture and one for the front texture, and when you set those up, assign the front texture material to the front of the playing card and the back texture material to the back. im not sure if this will work but you might try