mirror, mirror, on the wall - Update 1

my WIP

C&C please

I’m trying to acheive a gloomy mood, any suggestions?

Update 1

I made a better wall
I think it looks a bit better now. C&C please





well not to bad but i would redo the background maybe go for like a dungon setting less of a this is hanging in my grand mothers house the other thing is add some more detail to the fast maybe some eyes darken the hole sence and maybe add some smoke like your close to hells door or somthing some evil person looking in it mite work well to this is just IMO :slight_smile:

okay, thanks. How can i add smoke- particles? Mist? Which method will work best?

Ill work on creating a stone wall


well i would ether use mist or particelas not sure if theres any other way im pritty sure thats it only way to do it i think your idea could be vary cool just may to play around and have some fun :smiley:

this is a tut i found in a few sec on google so dont take to much stock in it its abit older but i think it still works