Mirror Modification no longer working

I have been following along with the Female Figure Tutorial video for a couple days now. I did the basic body #1 and the mirror modification worked fine. The next step basic face #2 it still worked fine. I’m on #3 detailing the face, but I cannot see the mirror of the eyeball. I have been over that section of the video many times now; added and deleted the mirror many times. I am sure I followed the correct steps, but the mirror image still could not be seen.

Could I be missing something?

I guess the eyeball is a separate object. It might be a stupid question, but did you put a mirror modifier on the eye, too?

edit: another problem might be that the origin of your eye is still in the center of the eye, then the mirrored eye is exactly at the position of the first one. Just put the origin into the middle of the face…

ah…thanks. The second suggestion may be the case. I have been playing with a sphere on a test scene. Even deleting half the sphere before mirroring it adds the mirror to the half sphere. I’ll do that with the cursor.

ok, I tried moving the cursor, but there was no success. One thing I did notice, tho, was a yellow dot. In the video, the yellow dot is located at the X axis. When he slides the sphere off to the right, the yellow dot stays at the X axis. When I have tried to do it, the yellow dot remains at the center of the sphere and moves with it.

I guess the question now becomes: How can I keep the yellow dot at the center without it moving along with the sphere?

The yellow dot is what I meant. It represents the origin of the object. That’s where the “mirror” is (unless you have a mirror object). To move the origin, you can do this: Put the 3D Cursor, where you want the origin to be, then press Object/Transform/Origin to 3D Cursor.
Then it should work!

Woo Hoo. That worked! Thanks very much. Now I can continue learning how to use blender.

I have the same problem. I am following along and doing the gingerbread at the manual and when I try to mirror the eye it does not work. The instruction in the “Flipping a duplicate around the cursor” is not working for me. Is there something that I missed? Please help thanks.

Here is the instruction.

  • Switch to Edit Mode (Tab). Select the crosshair pivot button (pivot: 3D Cursor)in the header of the 3D window (the 3D Transforms Manipulator jumps from the sphere to the cursor). All vertices of the eye should be selected (if not, press A to select all), now press ShiftD or use Duplicate in the Tool Shelf to duplicate and Esc to stop placing the copy with the mouse.

  • Press CtrlM to mirror, X to mirror around the X axis, followed by LMB or Enter to confirm the mirror. Return the pivot button to its default setting ( Median Point). The result can be seen in picture 6 of Creation of the eyes.

arlyo, The advice above worked well. Have you tried following it? I haven’t event tried to learn all the keyboard short cuts. As I’ve been using the menues and following along with the video, I’ve been learning them a little at a time.