Mirror Modifier 2 Objects BUT DIFFERENT AXIS

Hey there,
I am modeling a Character. I did the Body and the Head seperatly. And I dont know how but somehow the Axis changed. Now I have one Object with X and the oder with an Z Axis…
And now I can´t join the two Objects to connect them, cause it ends up looking very weird…
Does anybody know how I can correct this? Endgoal: To join them seamingless. Thank you in advance!

This happens when I join them: The Middle looks very weird…

Also have a nice day!

Make her wear a cloth…that will hide it

Thats not helpfull at all… I am pretty sure I get a lot of problems If I just join them and let it be … -_-

Place the mirror modifier after the subsurf modifier and set merge limit to zero or 0.026 approx…try to adjust it

Ok tried it. When The Subsurf Mod. is on top - the lines between appear (like the pics above) and changing the Merge Limit does nothing :cry:

Got a bit better but still not optimal

send me the blend file…I will correct it and send it back

The File is to big :persevere:
I need to look how I can send it - could take a while XD

I am ready to help u at any cost …do take tension