mirror modifier and join some mesh...

First, english is not my first or second language…
sorry for dumb english
and I’m totally noob in blender

I imported some body mesh from some mode of Es4:Oblivion,
Edited some vert of each Two mesh with mirror, apply em when done,
and I joined em in one mesh(what was called upperbody and lowerbody)
then I have to edit the mesh further, so I turn mirror modifier again(in edit mode)…

Problem is, mesh looking something like DOUBLED
when I grab some vert and move it, the mesh of oppsite side itself follow that but the vert point and mesh grid of the opposite side stays the same
Of course, it doesnt matter if I edit with only one side but it’s something uncomfortable
I tried remdouble but this seems don’t have relation with remdoub

what did I do wrong??

is it right mirror modifier??

this seems to be a too noob question and I had to search more through googling
or somewhat, I know that but couldn’t find one that matches with this

anyway, thanks in advance

Did you delete the applied mirrored side before you re-added the mirror modifier?

No I didn’t…

Did I Have to do that to prevent this thing??

If so, I knew bout mirror modifier very wrong way…
but if I have to work without the opposite side, then what’s difference in mirror modifier and
just work with half mesh and dup&mirror(not modifier but transform sub menu)??
Of course, modifier provides such option like DoClip, but…

I’m little bit confused…

well, thank u very much with fast reply!!
I got to work with half mesh if I can’t solve this

Mirror modifier copies the existing mesh on the opposite side of the mesh origin, mirrored by the selected axis.
Normal use scenario - You have half of a human face, use the mirror modifier to place the other half of the face.

If you have both sides of the mesh and you wan’t to mirror to the other side, either delete one side and use the mirror modifier to recreate the other side or drag down in the T panel ant check “X mirror” (But that’s kinda limited).


yes I’m workin on half mesh and mirror modifier, and it’s like a charm!!

A big misunderstanding was there…didn’t know modifier itself makes a copy

thanks a lot and next time plz, FreeMind