Mirror Modifier Causes Character Mesh Overlap

I was doing some character modeling experiments when I came across a weird problem. It seems like my character’s mesh is overlapping when I apply the mirror modifier. I can’t figure out what’s causing this? Besides that, I can’t find anything in Mediawiki on how to work with this tool. Ideas?

I’m using Blender 2.4 on Mandriva Linux.

The midpoint of your mesh is probably not on the middle Axis…

Move the cursor to the outer edge of your half, and perform Center Cursor (Spacebar / Transformation)

This should do it

Yeah, that helped. No more overlap.
I still have a funny crease going down the center of my character but I’m definitely further along now then I was before. Thanks. :smiley:

take from the realease notes on blender.org

Mirror Modifier

Many modeling tasks involve creating objects that are symmetrical. However there’s no quick way to model both halves of an object without using one of the workarounds that have been discovered by clever Blender artists for years. A common technique is to model one half of an object and use ALT + D to create a linked duplicate which can then be mirrored on one axis to produce a perfect mirror-image copy which updates in realtime as you edit. The new Mirror Modifier automatically mirrors your mesh along the X, Y, or Z axis which passes through the object center. It then welds verts together along that axis within a tolerance distance you can set via the Merge Limit button. Once your modeling is completed you can either click Apply to make a real version of your mesh or leave it as is for future editing.


Its much easier!

In Edit Mode select one Vertice that is located on the outer Edge of your Mesh. Use the Snap Tool (Cursor -> Selection) to Align the Cursor Exactly.

Now Switch to another View ( so that you looking inside the hole) and position
the cursor (left mousclick) in the middle of your Mesh).

If you now do Transform Center Cursor then there will be no crease at all.

have fun!

Oops! It was that hole thing that was messing me up. Forgot to delete those faces before mirroring. :expressionless:

At any rate, problem solved. Thanks.